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How to choose a Hotel

Find the Hotel That's Right for You

By Nancy Parode

Your Hotel choice can make or break your trip. If you choose well, you’ll have a clean, affordable place to stay. Unfortunately, some Hotel customers discover that their room isn’t clean or that its walls are paper-thin. When you’re faced with a list of choices and you’re traveling on a budget, how can you choose the right Hotel?

Typically, people who stay in Hotels fall into one of several categories: budget-conscious travelers, sightseers, families, businesspeople and travelers in transit. Hotel chains, always aware that travelers have a choice, are increasingly offering more amenities at competitive prices. These extras, ranging from wireless Internet access to loaner books to exercise rooms, are designed to appeal to all types of travelers. Your job is to decide what features are important to you and to base your Hotel choice on them.

Let’s take a look at factors that might affect your decision.

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Accommodation Glossary

A la Carte Menu
A food and drink menu in which each item is listed and priced separately.

Adjoining Rooms
Guestrooms that are located next to each other, but without a connecting door between them.

Advance Deposit
Money paid, usually by credit card or cheque, by a guest before they arrive at the hotel to guarantee a reservation. The amount is generally equal to one night's lodging fees. The full amount is applied to the guest's bill upon check-out.

Aesthetic Balance
In meal planning, a pleasing combination obtained by making use of the colours, flavours and textures of foods.

Affiliate Reservation System
A hotel chain's reservation system in which all participating properties are contractually related.  Each hotel is represented in the computer database and is required to provide room availability data to the reservation centre in a timely manner.

Affiliated Hotel
A hotel that is a member of a franchise, chain or referral system. Membership usually provides special advantages, such as the use of a national reservation system.

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Hotel vs Motel

Definition: The term “Hotel” refers to an establishment that provides paid lodging, for a short duration to tourists. The term hotel has been derived from the French word “hotel” which meant a townhouse. Hotels provide a number of other services such as a restaurant, a swimming pool, or childcare. They also have arrangements to hold conference and meetings. A rating system with one to five stars has been introduced as a mark of comparison for hotels.

The term “Motel” is derived from the term “motorists hotel,” which originally meant that the hotel provided parking. Motel referred initially to a single building of connected rooms whose doors face a parking lot and/or common area or a series of small cabins with common parking. Their origin was driven by increased driving distances on the United States highway system that allowed easy cross-country travel.

Motels and Hotels may differ on the following points:

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